Our cabins

Springbrook Lyrebird Retreat has two cabins, Rosella and Pitta.

Our cabins immerse you in the extraordinary beauty and grandeur of our unique rainforests. They help kindle a sense of the miraculous and the fragility of nature. Awakening to the unmistakable, almost iconic sounds of Crimson Rosellas, Noisy Pittas, Whipbirds, even Green Catbirds, opens a window into an ancient past.

Re-enter your own private space at any time, cuddle up in front of a cosy romantic fireplace, and just enjoy the simplicity, peace and tranquility of your luxury hide-away. In our Cabins you have the best of both worlds … surrounded by all this beauty, and the luxury of modern amenities.

Everything about our wonderful, architect-designed and individually placed Cabins makes you feel pampered and at one with nature. Generous open decks and large windows help seamlessly merge nature and live-in comfort. Each Cabin has a unique and natural wood aroma, is spacious yet cosy with romantic fireplaces and luxurious double hydrotherapy massage spas

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Rosella cabin lounge Pitta cabin lounge Pitta cabin deck Pitta cabin lounge Rosella cabin Pitta cabin Pitta cabin Pitta cabin lounge Double spa bath